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The Big Blue Cliver

It is a full on Century ride (100 miles) named after our founding father, starting and finishing in Bancroft. You will experience quiet back roads, large and small lake vistas, rolling hills and the occasional bits of wild life. Three fuel/rest stops. About a kilometre of elevation gain. There is a bail out option to limit your ride to 100 km if you need.

This route link provides further detail on the Cliver Hilly and can be transferred to your gps gear of choice (download to .fit or .gpx file, upload to Strava, Garmin Connect, etc.).

START TIME: 9:00 am

The Red Canadian Metric Century

100 kilometres that includes the nasty Graphite Grind (just ask previous participants) with two rest stops and all the flora and fauna of the Big Cliver.  Although shorter the climbing is close to that of the Big Cliver.

START TIME: 9:00 am

The Green Chrissy Loop

Our dearly departed Hilly pioneer enjoyed a more sensible short and fun ride. Somewhere around 40 km. Perhaps you are a beginner or want to keep busy while your more intense roadie partner pounds the longer course(s). We are planning a different short route for this year.

START TIME: 10:00 am